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The New Audiences Funding Programme was a tremendous success and many people were sorry to see the scheme come to an end. The good news is that funding for Audiences Development and Marketing initiatives is now available from Grants for the arts, the Arts Council’s grants scheme. There is an increase of two million pounds in this scheme for organizations, which surpasses the amount previously available through the New Audiences Programme. Jane Beardsworth, Head of Development is the lead officer for Audience Development in the north-west office.  click here for details: Valuer Brisbane

Arts Council England has published Keeping Arts Safe, a 60-page document written in collaboration with the NSPCC, to provide guidelines for arts organizations on devising policies and procedures to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults involved in arts activities. From 2003/4 funded organizations will have to adopt and implement a written policy and set of procedures to address these issues.

Arts Council England suggests that all arts organizations must make a commitment to protecting these groups and put new policy and procedures in place to ensure, for example, that staff is cleared through the Criminal Records Bureau, and that organizations have procedures of what to do when a child or vulnerable adult discloses abuse. Arts Council England, North West has announced an exciting new art residency, working with new media technologies in collaboration with The Game Plan an initiative by Media Training North West.

The opportunity is available for an experienced artist to develop a new cutting edge project during a three-month residency with a digital media/games company. The position is open to any artist with experience of developing innovative media arts projects. Although we already have a bank of images representing our regularly funded organizations and recipients of funding from the Regional Arts Lottery Programme, we are inviting anyone who received project funding to submit colour and black & white photographs (or transparencies) for possible inclusion in the Review.


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The effect of these vacant rates is having a downward pressure on rents as landlords compete for even fewer tenants by offering better deals, particularly on older stock. While lettings remain slow, continued low-interest rates and forthcoming changes in pension regulations are fuelling a strong owner-occupier market, particularly for small to medium-sized companies as they race to complete pension funded purchases before the new regulations take effect in April.

The main thing which you need to keep in mind is that you have to make an only effective search for choosing a perfect Property Valuations Perth equire taking a tour in the property field. Industrial land values continue to defy logic with headline-grabbing deals of £2.47m per hectare reported in some areas. Provincial industrial areas are also holding up well with numerous land deals reported in the region of £1.24m per hectare.

The shortage of industrial land is driving these prices. Many had hoped that the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan would address these industrial land shortages, however, it has been heavily criticised since its publication for failing to provide for the city’s long-term needs. Furthermore, it looks increasingly unlikely that this plan will be adopted without the need for a judicial review.


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But there is a risk associated with it.And so, look, But there is a risk associated with it.And so, look, I really appreciate Steve for basically sticking his neck out and speaking out against the government. Speaking out against banks. Speaking out against lenders and all of.
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this sort of stuff because chances are, not many governments or institutions are probably liking what he’s saying and liking that he’s calling them out on this sort of stuff and making them seriously look at it. So, definitely, I applaud you, Steve, for your courage that.I hope that this has been interesting for you, guys, and that.

you have learned something a long the way. what do property values do And this is something I will discuss more and more. If you have questions, please head over to the blog at That’s where this episode will be located.There’s a comment section down the bottom. If you scroll down there, you can ask your questions there and I’ll try my best to get back to everyone and see if I can answer these questions.

But, yes, this is something I’ll be exploring more into the future and thank again to Steve for sharing your knowledge and for sharing your time to enlighten and educate the On Property community.So, that’s it for today, guys. Until next time, stay positive.Hey guys, Ryan here from on property.

I’m answering your questions and today we’re talking about the options for purchasing a property without a deposit. I’ve got a question here from Tracy and this is her third question.

So she got three videos. If you have any questions for me [email protected] or go to contact and send me your questions and I will guarantee will answer every question I get with a video.


The Intermediate Guide to Valuation

This data is months old. This goes back to September of last year. Actually, I think it’s only September that I’ve got the house price change up to. So I’m using the data that the Bank of International Settlements puts together to have comparable house prices around the world of house price emphasis.We are clearly still in the accelerating phase there, but if you look at the most recent-data, it’s turning, slowing down we’re seeing. Therefore, there’s falling demand and therefore falling prices.Ryan So.

They will these changes, the APRA rules that they recently brought in, which I did do an episode about, where they’re trying to, I guess, affect how many investors getting into the market. Is this going to affect the acceleration of debt and, thus, house prices?Steve Yeah, it will. This is the classic thing. We have regulators that don’t understand dynamics I’ve just shown you because they’re mainstream economics trained and their training tells them to ignore private debt. So they’re not even seeing it coming. What they’re going to do now is a bit like they’re shutting the door while the horse is vaulting.

So the doors going to hit house valuations for insurance purpose the horse on the head. As well as the deceleration finally clicking in and causing house price falls. The regulators are going to make that happen more rapidly.So I expect them to panic at some stage and reverse direction because they don’t want to see house prices fall.

So these regulations will encourage further deceleration of mortgage debts and cause the slump in house prices.


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Boots Pensions Ltd has acquired the freehold of 169 Fulham Road, London SW3, for £4.1 million. The property was purpose built last year for high-class jeweler Theo Fennell who will lease back the shop.

The initial rent is £300,000 per annum and the transaction provides Boots with an initial yield of 7.1%. The property comprises a retail unit on basement and ground floors with offices on three upper floors. It provides a total of 7,840 sq ft. In a few states, there is a pre-requisite for lawful oversight, regarding the matter of conveyancing however by and large the everyday operations are led by exceptionally prepared conveyancing specialists, and these are the individuals that you will regularly manage at each phase of your exchange.

David King, a director of Savills Fund Management which manages the Boots account, said: We are delighted to have secured this prestigious investment for our client. It provides an attractive initial yield and is situated in an area that is enjoying strong rental growth. We look forward to a long relationship with Theo Fennell. has signed an unconditional contract for the redevelopment of the extensive Department of Social Security estate in Newcastle.

This £160 million Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project, which is being funded by The Royal Bank of Scotland, The entire plan is decided by the management and the allotted area is also planned by them, this is a long term plan which stays for minimum of 25 years.

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The purpose of this scheme is to rationalize DSS property interests in the north east currently dispersed across 11 sites and provide modern multi-functional accommodation to enable DSS to conduct their business more efficiently. This involves accommodation 10,700 DSS staff on four sites in the Tyne & Wear area. AMIEC Construction will start work on site immediately, with the phased completion of the new build element between 2000 and 2003. These incorporate things like making the precise limits of the property and figuring out if there are any unlawful structures on the property conveyancing.

Two of these sites are new build of approximately 80,000 sq m (864,000sq ft) and two will utilise existing buildings of approximately 47,000 sq m (512,000 sq ft). The scheme was master-planned to minimise the impact on employees and involves the retention of two major sites in the area, at Longbenton and Washington.

The focus is on individual youngsters, not just numbers. The grant will also go toward hiring more youth specialists to work with program participants. We’ll have much more adult coverage one adult for every 50 youngsters, which represents an increase from one adult for every 90 youngsters last year, Pepper said. The program is a part of the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, which Pepper co-founded in 1987 with then-Cincinnati City Councilman Ken Blackwell. The Department of Labor announced the grant Friday.